UAB GAMTOS ŠALIS - wholesale and retail trade in dealing with a company selling pet food and food supplements, from children to seniors. We care about our customers and their four-legged, we offer only the highest quality products to all our customers to be healthy and happy.


Our goal is to be the most professional and dynamic company in the Baltic countries. We sell only the highest quality, globally estimated, of pet care products for pets and people.


Responsibly and professionally to supply high-quality food supplements and food products to both humans and animals. To improve human and animal health. To promote disease prevention. To promote a healthy lifestyle.

Based on customer needs and expectations, continuously improving the quality of service delivery. To improve working conditions for employees and ensure the successful development of the company.
 Our mission - to provide innovative high quality products and services in health care, promote healthy lifestyles and encourage customers to responsibly take care of their health. Good health is essential to the quality and active life.

OBJECTIVE - happy customer

We, like you, care about their health and household, grow and love animals, so we would be happy to contribute to your love and concern for them. Together let's create a happy and our pet's life.


We sell super-premium pet food and food supplements products made without artificial additives. Also, our products will not find wheat, rye, barley, soy and rice in order to reduce the risk of allergies in your pet. We are as a producer and supply only the best and most appropriate for your pet food, tailored and balanced according to your pet's life stage and needs.

We represent the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) this brand products: olive-PETFOOD