The Danish super premium brand OLIVERS Petfood,
based in Copenhagen, has since 1998 been a leading Scandinavian innovator of healthy, tasty and natural food for dogs and cats.

Product development starts with Love
Love for dogs and cats is the starting point for every single OLIVERS product. We always ask ourselves the same question: “How can we help to ensure that dogs and cats can have optimal life quality?” The answer is simple: “We can help by providing the building blocks for a strong and healthy body, so puppies and kittens can grow up to become healthy adult and senior pets.” Healthy eating is important throughout life. Optimal nutrition can decrease several risk factors for the individual pet, which means that the likelihood of having to visit the vet every month with problems affecting mobility, skin and coat, is significantly decreased.

Healthy and functional ingredients

In addition to the high quality meat in every OLIVERS meal, you will find a special OLIVERS selection of natural and functional ingredients: Salmon oil and other healthy sources of fat supplying balanced levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, healthy vegetables and herbs, functional fibre, glucosamine and chondroitin. We combine and balance our ingredients to provide what we believe is the best possible nutrition for bones, cartilage, muscles, fur and skin - both for dogs and cats.

Leading the Grain Free trend in Scandinavia

The popularity of “Grain Free Diets” has swept across many pet food markets all over the world. OLIVERS has been at the very forefront of this movement – we introduced our Adult Fish Grain Free almost 10 years ago. This grain free product was from the very beginning extremely well received by our customers, and the same is true for our other grain free products introduced over the years. Removing the grain has, according to feedback from many of our customers, several advantages especially when it comes to dogs suffering from skin and coat problems. Customer feedback is repeatedly making it clear that many skin and coat issues, including clinical signs associated with allergic reactions, can be managed by removing grain and replacing that with more natural meat.

We always aim to implement innovation in our product development as well as in the daily business.

These are just some of the differences between us and the more “dusty” global pet food companies.”


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